Talented bass player with many collaborations (Roger (Biwandu-Zawinul syndicate), Patrick
Rondat (G3), PapaGuyo (Sly & Family Stone), J Halliday, Charles X, Eths…), Shob releases his
second album «Karma Obscur» after the succesful first one «Pragmatism» (500 000 hits on
youtube, more than 600 physical copies sold, 10 000 downloads).
His music: An intense progressive rock/funk played live by amazing musicians.
Shob has played more than 1000 shows those past 6 years, and his solo project allowed him
to open for great Jazz artists such as Scott Henderson, Jeff Berlin, Gary Novak…
He played some of the greatest places such as: Hell Fest open air (Mainstage France),
Graspop fest (Bel), Wacken Fest (Ger), Ziget fest (Hung), Madrid electric fest, Elysée
Montmartre (Paris), Moscow, Rio, Sao Polo, Santiago Chile, Barcelone, St Barth, Europe….
He also gives master classes since 2010 with his amazing musician and friend Morgan
Berthet (drums for Myrath, Klone, Eths, Kadinja…)
His youtube channel has more than 500 000 hits and 2500 followers.
He just released on youtube channel his first track “Enclosures” (105 000
hits) from his new album:


Check « Rusty Dog », latest video out

Check also his track « The Right Move »:

You can also check his track «Sacerdoce», seen 100 000 times :

Also, a video with ETHS at Wacken Festival:

And in Eths video: “Bulimiarexia: (1 Million hits)